The tooth fairy came and took my tooth, so tender a tooth, leaving 20p in a little cushion, frilly as a fairy’s tutu. The cushion had a house embroidered on it with little xs for windows, as if their eyes had been plucked out and sewn up. Maybe the fairies had flown off with them too. Now this missing tooth of mine, absent like an evicted tenant, left me wondering what the fairies did with all these teeth. Did they use them for furniture – little tooth stalls for their dinner tables – and if they did then what happened to the little tooth stalls that they were replacing (did they rot and get thrown out with the rubbish, left by the bins to be snaffled by less economically astute fairies, or those not in the business, like the hair fairies, used to slipping off with a follicle or two to weave into a fairy blanket)?